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Me vs Scott Part 7 Wiring

Here, we just have a garbled mess that's a mixture of ad hominem (you don't understand probability) and false claims (your brains are wired wrong). You're likely talking about some books released about our brains being wired to believe in God, and perhaps the "God Helmet" experiments.

First, the "brain is wired" arguments have been disproven because no single area of the brain has been shown to be "the spot" for this sort of thing (I can go into more depth on this if you want to walk down that alley). And the "God Helmet" nonsense is just that...people aren't Christians because they have an ecstatic experience. We are because we have weighed the evidence, we have reasoned logically, and we concluded that the best answer is that God exists.

It's not shallow thinking. It's not bad wiring. It's rigorous deductive conclusions based on evidence of multiple sorts.

I'm really not seeing the logic here.

Putting aside your misunderstandings of what ad hominems and false claims are, that no single area of the brain has been shown to be “the spot” proves nothing. There also is no single area of the brain that stores memories, but people remember things.

You are the type of Christian that you are because that is the way you were raised. If you had been raised in a devout Jewish home, your idea of Christianity would be totally different.

Also *cough* - - *cough*. It's also worth mentioning that no one instinctively understands probability. If that was the case, casinos would be broke.

By all means, go into the depth you said you would. Your disproof is merely a lack of evidence for something that may not even be necessary. Why is identifying a ‘single area’ required for evidence of brain wiring? Also, which God Helmet are you talking about? The one I know about doesn’t induce ecstatic experiences, just a weak, fluctuating magnetic field. The best answer, huh? Best =/= correct.

And again, which god? All evidence points only to Almighty Zeus, His Beautiful Cow-eyed Wife Hera and Their Divine Buddies. This is irrefutable and you are lying if you say otherwise. I have weighed the evidence, reasoned logically and observed the flight of sparrows. The best answer is that Zeus exists.

Please, present your evidence, as concisely and logically as possible. Then show your logical reasoning. Then we can discuss this further.
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