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Me vs Scott Part 10 Accusations against Me

In summary, Jon, it seems that you're quite willing to mischaracterize Christians, post things that are unsubstantiated claims without any support or evidence, and proclaim victory. That doesn't work here, I'm afraid. If you want to make the case that Christianity is at war with science, you're welcome to do so. But I can show you a number of very prominent scientists who arrived at their faith based on the very science you claim is conclusively against Christianity.

You’re doing quite a bit of projecting here. In your whole post you have not made a single supported claim.

Honestly, every single one of your arguments is something most of us secular atheists have probably seen a few hundred times in the past. You haven’t presented any amazing new evidence or proofs for theism that are going to awaken anyone’s eyes. This isn’t a case of anyone here being close-minded (ok, possibly some). Rather, in the past we’ve all been open minded enough to see questions like these, accepted that such were initially valid questions when we first encountered them, and instead of just unskeptically swallowing them, sought out valid explanations that did need unwarranted assumptions to answer them. At the very worst/best, we were willing to say “I don’t know,” instead of simply saying “God did it” as a stop-gap explanation.

I say this because as a believer in the past, I’ve made nearly these exact same arguments both to myself and others, before I became open minded enough to seek out answers for myself.

I don’t mischaracterise Christians. You pulled a single quote from me calling creationists dishonest, and appear to be extrapolating that to infer that all atheists mischaracterise Christians. It appears you’re also quite willing to mischaracterise atheists.

How kind, wait sorry, condescending of you to give us permission. I don’t think there’s a war. There are scientists who are interested in discovering more about reality, and there are religions which react badly to scientific findings they don’t like. It’s more like a temper tantrum than a war.

And yeah, yeah, we know there are Christian scientists. We also know there are scientists of every other religion as well. In fact, here’s a list of Muslim scientists:
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