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Me vs Scott Part 11 Argument from Authority and Incredible Claim I'm Being Overconfident

In fact, I'll leave you with a couple of quotes that may help

You are making a series of uncited claims from authority. Either back up your claims with a citation to the peer reviewed scientific literature (any website claiming a biblical perspective isn’t scientific, it is religious), or you aren’t doing science. You are making unevidenced claims that can and will *POOF* be dismissed as nonsense.

Arguing from authority is the opposite of science. It doesn’t work, especially when the authorities you cite, being astronomers, know very little about evolution.

Here is a list of books for your edification. They should be available either in your local book-shop or online. By the way, the difference between a book and a quote from authority is that in the book, there is a description of the evidence and the facts that buttress a theory. If not (see Darwin’s Black Box), then the book is worthless.

First start off with the chapter in a quality biology textbook on DNA and how it works

Then go to the following:

Snake Oil Science – R. Barker Bausell — A discussion of CAM including placebos.
Darwin in the Genome – Lynn Helena Caporale
From DNA to Diversity – Sean B. Carroll et al — Dr. Carroll has several other books relating to the relation between DNA and evolution showing how small changes in DNA lead to major changes in the organism. Read them all.
Only a Theory – Kenneth R. Miller — an excellent debunking of the whole ID concept by a biologist who happens to be a devout Christian
Creationism’s Trojan Horse – Barbara Forrest & Paul R. Gross
Intelligent Design Creationism and its Critics — Robert T. Pennock, editor
All of Stephen Jay Gould’s books that are collections of his columns from Natural History (?) – read as many as you can find. The chapters are just a few pages long, and most of them illustrate some aspect of evolution that is at work today. Start here after you understand DNA.

Your post sort of conjures up the image of a third grader who is still shaky on long division telling a group of PhD mathematicians that you can, too, divide by zero. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings too badly, but you really, really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. Read those books and many others along the same lines before you venture forth again into the jungle of the internet.

Bottom line, Jon Davros Milne, your confidence in this matter is quite overblown. You may assert all you'd like. But the facts do not support your certainty. It is as leaky as a sieve...

I think you’ll find it’s quite the other way around. You have exactly no reason to be in any way confident that your brand of theism is right. 0. You have no ground to stand on. You might as well believe that Zeus or the Easter Bunny are real. It’s all the same to us atheists: fiction. Thanks for playing, but you lose.

You say the facts that don't support my "certainty" that I apparently have? Neither do they support yours. Thanks for playing.
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