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20 Questions That Christians Fail To Sufficiently Answer - Part 7

So my eighth question in the "Twenty Questions that Christians have yet to sufficiently answer" list was:

8. If belief is more important, does your God want to send me to hell? If he apparently does not, but will if I do not believe, why not just give me real testable, convincing evidence? Hiding himself from me, then condemning me for not believing in him makes him kind of a dick. If he apparently does want to send me to hell, then your God is an immoral monster and not worthy of worship.

And David's response was as follows:

Hell is not based on believing in him. Ergo this question is irrelevant to Christianity.

Now as you may have guessed from my intro, this was an instance where I needed to merge more of David's answers together. Here are my Questions 9 and 11:

9. Why does the bible condemn wearing fabric of two different fibers, but not slavery or rape?

11. If God apparently created the universe out of nothing but his own power, why did he need a rib to create Eve? Seriously, did he reach a limit or something?

And David's responses were, respective to each of the above questions:

This question is not based on the teachings of the Bible or Christianity, ergo is irrelevant to be asked of Christianity.


This question is irrelevant to Christianity, as nowhere does Christianity state that God needed to use a rib.

Yes, we've reached the part where David is now just engaging in flat denials. Now, I'll admit that with regards to Hell, I personally cannot find anything in the Bible that says non-believers will go to Hell, and I will hold my hands up to that, because part of being in a debate is acknowledging your weaknesses. However, David cannot pretend to be ignorant of stuff like Pascal's Wager, or the more Christian-specific Avoidance of Hell argument, which fallaciously claims that the only logical thing to do is believe in God otherwise you'll go to Hell, and David certainly can't pretend that he's ignorant of Bible bashing fundamentalists who routinely threaten atheists with hell, nor of course can he really be that ignorant of a whole bunch of different news stories where atheists who have come out as atheist have been harassed and given death threats and told they will go to hell by Christians, all of which are covered in absolutely beautiful detail in this fantastic article by Greta Christina:

Now let's get to slavery and rape. This one's breathtakingly simple because all I need to is show you the relevant Biblical verses on each. Ahem:

Slavery: This entire article:

Rape: Deuteronomy 22:28-29 specifically addresses "stranger rape". For a woman to be considered raped within hearing distance, she must call out and others must have heard her (if she wasn't within hearing distance, it's excused). If she is too frightened to make a noise, or the rapist prevented her, well, too bad. A woman who has been raped may be put to death in the former scenario if she is married, and must marry her rapist if she is not. The rapist has to pay her father some money, but understand, no crime has been committed against the woman. It is the father (or husband's) property that has been damaged, at least in the "legal" Biblical sense.

And really, as for the rib thing, it's probably the most minor of all the questions presented, but still, considering that God had seemingly demonstrated the ability to create things just by essentially clicking his fingers, I purely find it an oddity that he would have needed to take out an entire rib of Adam's. I mean, looking at the Bible from a purely literary perspective, it's certainly greatly bizarre that where before the God character essentially just speaks things into existence, now we see him using a rib to create the first woman. And the question ultimately is why? What was the point of this?

So I'm sorry, but these questions were far from irrelevant. For the record, David also pulled the "It's Irrelevant!" Gambit for his Question 13 answer, but since he went into greater detail on that, I'm saving it for later. Still, as of now we now have 10 answers of David's that have been responded to. We are officially halfway through.
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